bushing tool FAQS

QWhat is the working principle of the bearing heater

AThe induction heating of the bearing heater uses electromagnetic induction to cause the current magnetic field generated inside the heated workpiece itself to generate Eddy currents to heat the workpiece, relying on the energy of these Eddy currents to achieve the purpose of heating. The basic components of the induction heating system of the bearing heater include: induction coil, AC power supply, workpiece, and control part. The electromagnetic induction principle is used to convert electrical energy into heat energy. The equipment converts the transaction magnetic field through a heating host with an induction coil. When the magnetic wire passes through the guide magnetic workpiece bearing, the eddy current generated in the bearing body is the bearing surface self-high-speed uniform heat, the host temperature remains unchanged. Bearing heating speed, high production efficiency can directly save about 80 % of electricity, bearing heater equipment installation is simple, the system is simple, easy to operate electrical connection is available. Some of the equipment and electrical appliances are more versatile and more convenient to maintain. The frequency is 50-60H without magnetic radiation and is harmless to the human body.

QWhat is Application of bearing heaters?

ASeries of bearing heaters are used for mass induction and heating assembly of bearings, axles, Gears, couplers, diameter rings, and other circular and cylindrical parts, so that they can be heated and expanded. In order to meet the needs of excess assembly, it is truly suitable for long-term induction heaters in production and assembly pipelines, and can adapt to most harsh working environments.

QWhat is oil injectors?

AOil injector is a kind of precision device with very high machining precision, which requires large dynamic flow range, strong anti-blockage and anti-pollution ability and good atomization performance. The injector receives the injection pulse signal sent by the ECU to accurately control the amount of fuel injected. The spray characteristics of the injector include atomized particle size, oil mist distribution, oil beam direction, range and diffusion cone angle. These characteristics should meet the requirements of the diesel combustion system so that the mixture can form and burn perfectly, and obtain higher power and thermal efficiency.

QHow to maintain the oil injector?

AOil injector working around 700h should be checked and adjusted once. If the opening pressure is less than the specified value of 1 Mpa or the head of the needle valve is seriously carbon, the needle valve should be removed and put into clean diesel oil. The carbon accumulated by wood chips should be removed, and the spout holes should be dredged with fine steel wire. After loading, the adjustment should be carried out. The pressure difference required for each cylinder of the same machine must be less than 1 Mpa. In order to make the diesel fuel injected into the cylinder can be completely burned in time, the fuel supply time of the oil pump must be checked regularly. The fuel supply time is too early, and the vehicle will have difficulty in starting and hitting the cylinder. The late supply time will lead to black smoke from the exhaust gas, high machine temperature, and increased fuel consumption.