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Induction Heater


1.using microcomputer digital control method, the plate accurate temperature setting, real-time monitoring of the workpiece heating temperature, digital display all kinds of information, automatic thermostat, overheat protection, can also be used as a laboratory instrument with higher requirements;
2.the heater heating by heat conduction, the workpiece from the material, the shape of the limit, safe and reliable, easy to use, can be a plurality of workpieces and heating, automatic control of heating process, with protective cover, and can protect the heating plate, use can improve the heating speed;
3. heating plate integrated manufacturing process (temperature up to 350 degrees Celsius), the service life is 10 times higher than the heating plate (temperature limit of 200 degrees Celsius), with a higher heating temperature limit, and the heating efficiency is higher!
Applications: almost all of the ring metal parts can be heated by induction heaters, including bearings, gear, pulley, coupling, sealing ring, bushing, dust cover and other closed parts